Diamond Mind Foundation grants Dr. Naomi Wolf the first Sherman P. Bennett Award for American Constitutional Values in Journalism

March 26, 2024

Katherine Novikov

Diamond Mind Foundation

Diamond Mind Foundation is proud to bestow the inaugural “Sherman P. Bennett Award for American Constitutional Values in Journalism” to Dr. Naomi Wolf.  This annual award conveys a $20,000 grant and is given to an American journalist who defends our Constitutional Republic by courageously adhering to the principles of citizen-centered service through independent journalism.  Dr. Wolf’s journalism consistently demonstrates the highest regard for We The People and the American innovation in governance—a government legally subject to consent of the governed.  The award was inspired by the family foundation’s patriotic grandfather and conceived in response to the ubiquitous threats to our God-given freedoms, and therefore to our Constitutional Republic itself. 

Executive Director of the Diamond Mind Foundation Katherine Novikov issued the follow statement:

“Few professions have the power to distort how people see the world or to empower clarity about reality than journalism.   Unfortunately, most journalism has been hijacked by those who want the American people to see carefully crafted distortions.  Only honest, high-quality, independent journalism opens eyes and educates, and no person in independent journalism does this better than Dr. Naomi Wolf.”

About the 2024 Sherman P. Bennet Award for American Constitutional Values in Journalism

The Sherman P. Bennett for American Constitutional Values in Journalism annual award is bestowed upon a journalist who:

  • Upholds the American Constitution and Bill of Rights.
  • Retains a non-partisan devotion to objective truth.
  • Reflects bravery and refuses to be silenced on matters related to human health and thriving.
  • Seeks to unite our country and to restore the journalistic ideal of objectively informing the American citizenry so they can fulfill their civic duty under the Constitution.
  • Respects our nation and all nation’s rights to self-determination.

Dr. Wolf’s independent journalism shed the disinfecting light of truth on serious issues in medical freedom, medical malpractice, corporate corruption, the dangers of unvetted mass migration, and the need for left, right, and center to unite to restore trust in our elections.  She strives to be non-partisan and is fearless in exposing the truth in these areas. Her commitment to these principles has cost her friends, weakened some family ties, and subjected her to costly lawfare attacks and stress-inducing reputation smears.  Through this all she brings knowledge and hope to millions by exemplifying American Constitutional values in journalism.   

The Sherman P. Bennett Award for American Constitutional Values in Journalism was inspired by the life of its namesake, Mr. Bennett, the late father and grandfather whose devotion to his family helped make the Diamond Mind Foundation possible.  Mr. Bennett was a truth-seeker and in his youth was inspired to pursue a career in journalism. However, he opted to use the GI Bill to become an engineer as a more practical means to be a both a provider and an involved father.

About Diamond Mind Foundation

Diamond Mind Foundation is a small family foundation focused on education.  The foundation’s mission is to help people see without distortion by launching  and operating programs that elevate human perception to enhance human thriving.   The foundation appreciates human thriving while recognizing that American Constitutional principles, especially the legal construct of “the consent of the governed,” are an unprecedented evolutionary adaption in the history of our species.

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