Akov Freedom Scholarship for National Security Investment Consultant Institute (NSIC) Advisor Training Program

Full Ride Scholarship

The Diamond Mind Foundation is pleased to offer five extremely qualified, motivated candidates a full ride scholarship to the NSIC Advisor Training Program based on a competitive process. Winners are to be decided by the NSIC staff and the Diamond Mind Foundation.

The amount is $2500 payable to Liberty University.

All people want to be free, and to live in a country that is unmolested & uncowed by internal or external powers. We Americans are incredibly blessed and unique in all the world in that our Constitution subordinates the government to the consent of the governed. Today, America is in an Economic War! Your client’s money, livelihood and way of life are under attack. In an Economic War, the financial advisor community is on the front lines that can help protect economic liberty and America as it was founded.

  • We are the freest nation on earth. This remains true even now, but our freedom is currently jeopardized by the actions of a radical collectivist group of government, corporate and media players in the US whose vision aligns with the globalist over the Constitution.
  • We are the freest nation on earth. Even as some of those same organizations / elected officials saber rattle with nuclear Russia – ostensibly in support of Ukraine’s sovereignty, they ignore the daily diminishment of our sovereignty as they admire and defer to China and the World Economic Forum.
  • We are still the freest nation on earth, but we may not remain so if we don’t act now. The NSIC Institute and LSV investing are powerful action tools as they tie American’s resources to our own liberty, security (national security/personal security/cyber security) and values. (Judeo- Christian values.)

Convince us that you are an investment advisor who will play a key role in helping Americans defend our country and freedom against the economic war being waged against us.

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Inspiration for this Scholarship

Katherine and Vladimir Novikov, are the founders of the Diamond Mind Foundation. The Akov scholarship was inspired by a close family member whose loving gift & sacrifice made our foundation possible. That young man unflinchingly gave the gift of life to his mother who was terminally ill with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma by being a bone marrow donor. This scholarship honors the fifth anniversary of the transplant, after which a person is considered cured.​

If you are inspired to save a life, consider registering as a prospective bone marrow donor. Donate Marrow or Blood Stem Cells | Be The Match . Genetic matching matters a great deal in bone marrow transplants. Donors of African and Hispanic heritage are most urgently needed BlackBoneMarrow.com – How being Black can save a life.