See Without Distortion

Supporting Courage & Wisdom in the Quest for Human Thriving.

Welcome to the Diamond Mind Foundation

Our mission is to help human beings “see without distortion” and we fund projects and initiatives whose goal is to:

  • Elevate thinking beyond groupthink;
  • Trigger wonder and awe in others;
  • Provide missing context to knowledge or a situation;
  • Create “Ah-ha” moments;
  • Elevate human perception through wisdom, knowledge, art and science 

We Want to Support Your Work

We aim is to support work that acknowledges and values the accumulated experiences of humanity’s greatest thinkers and creators.

We are particularly interested in the human quest for knowledge, group human brain science & behavior connection and the collective evolutionary neurobiology of human societies engaging in the group behavior of “looking up” and “aiming up.”

Based in Dallas, the DM Foundation believes scientific hubris and cowardice within the Western world are leading humanity down dangerous intellectual blind spots and unleashing base animal instincts. We believe every human being must recognize this trend and do our part to reverse it joyfully.

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